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Which Home Remedy is Best for High Uric Acid?

This information might take you 5-15 minutes to read, but understanding what we write here could save you weeks of painful suffering from high uric acid attacks and honestly change your life.


Today, we want to help you sort out the good high uric acid remedies from the bad. The goal here is to find something you can take that will supercharge your healing and get rid of high uric acid as fast as safely possible.


Here we go, let’s first break high uric acid remedies down into three main groups:


  1. Apple Cider Vinegar Based Remedies
  2. Baking Soda Based Remedies
  3. Cherry Based Remedies


Let’s talk about Apple Cider Vinegar…


To sum it up: ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) is good stuff. It’s good for a lot of different blood sugar related conditions like diabetes and it actually works great topically for skin problems, but unfortunately it just doesn't make the cut to be included as a top tier high uric acid remedy.


Here’s why they think ACV works:


ACV is recommended for high uric acid because researchers theorize that it will raise the Ph of the blood. This increased Ph (or alkalinity) would make Uric Acid crystals more soluble and absorb into the blood instead of sitting in the joint. At least that’s the idea...

Here’s what’s wrong with ACV:


First, just absorbing uric acid crystals back into the blood doesn’t lower uric acid levels nor does it get uric acid out of the body!


Simply put, your body is making too much uric acid and having trouble getting it out of the body fast enough so it causes an attack. ACV doesn’t address either of these causes…


It doesn’t help in the long run to just have uric acid circulating in the blood again; high uric acid will just come back because it’s still in the blood ready to jam up into a joint and start the process all over.


Basically, ACV just masks the symptoms. (That’s why any top quality high uric acid remedy would include Chanca Piedra because it is so powerful for helping people clear harmful substances out of the body.)


On top of all of this, ACV reacts with everyone differently. For many people it actually makes the blood more acidic. What this means is ACV could actually make your high uric acid worse! Okay, now you should see ACV is a no go for someone trying to get better as fast as possible.


Next we have baking soda based remedies. Unfortunately baking soda is plagued by the same main problem as ACV. It doesn’t lower uric acid or get it out of the body, it just gets it back into the blood. This means you still have Hyperuricemia (too much uric acid in the blood) so sooner or later you’re going to have another attack.


Baking soda also does even less to fight inflammation than ACV.


Finally, baking soda can actually make the stomach too basic, which interferes with digestion leading to a whole host of digestive difficulties such as heartburn, indigestion and low energy.


Okay, so can you see why neither of these commonly recommended remedies makes the cut? 


Now, we’re not saying Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking never work, it’s just that the risks aren’t worth it and there is simply better stuff out there.


Enter Tart Cherry based remedies…



This is hands down your best shot at getting rid of high uric acid in hours instead of days or weeks. Tart cherries, especially tart cherry based extracts, are seriously good stuff.


They act as a COX-1 and COX-2 inhibitors while also lowering Uric Acid, meaning…


Tart Cherries attack the root cause of high uric acid while at the same time soothing discomfort and inflammation. Finally, the one two punch we are looking for!


It’s often said that the best medicine is food and it sure seems like with tart cherries nature came up with a food that seems to directly beat high uric acid (and arthritis)


The only problem with cherries is that MORE IS BETTER. In order to consume the levels of tart cherries to get stellar results you would literally have to be consuming cherries non-stop every hour of the day. Combine this with the fact that cherries vary in freshness, are expensive, and aren’t always in season and you could have a problem getting the level of cherries that you need to get better fast.


Your best bet is to find a high uric acid remedy that has tart cherry in it, or find a tart cherry extract that comes in liquid or capsule form.


There are a few other highly effective 100% natural substances that can absolutely destroy a high uric acid attack. We are talking about potentially getting better in 48 hours or less…


There you have it, the best high uric acid remedies you can find in your grocery store


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